Why Gift Guides Keep on Giving

1st December 2023

October to December means only one thing in the PR world – gift guide season! With Christmas a key sales period for most lifestyle brands, and consumers always looking for recommendations on the best thing to buy that tricky uncle or impress their mother-in-law, Christmas gift guides aren’t going anywhere.

Whether your audience is flicking the pages of Sunday Times STYLE or hanging off the words of This Morning presenters, here’s why we recommend our clients always incorporate Christmas gift guide KPIs as part of their PR strategy…

Keep up with the competition – With so many brands operating in this space, it’s important to be part of the conversation and stay relevant, positioning your product as the must-have gift. Cosmopolitan runs a regular ‘best gin guide’, which Malfy has appeared in three year’s running – but if your brand’s not in it, you risk being forgotten about and ultimately risking your market share! 

The coverage opportunities are weird and wonderful – It’s a great time to show your brand’s personality and what sets you apart, and the whackiest products get mentioned that otherwise wouldn’t get a look in compared to other times of year, for example a Pac Man machine from QVC was the biggest hit last year! Generally, gifting opps earlier in the year are smaller – so Christmas gift guides are THE moment to go big! 

Gift guides have power – While the PR world is ever changing and influencers are more important than ever, don’t underestimate the value of traditional media in converting sales and encouraging brand loyalty. In today’s busy world, consumers are more time-poor than ever, so gift guides are an easy way to make your product discoverable, helping to inform purchasing decisions. A spot in The Telegraph, The Times or VOGUE’s gift guides are highly coveted, which means your product is the best of the best – and consumers trust these titles, so sales are inevitable.

Driving traffic – Online gift guide placement is undeniably valuable in generating traffic to a brand’s page, but it’s not just about and driving sales, it’s about digital presence. Compared to other articles, gift guides on lifestyle websites are generally the biggest source of online traffic, and so they often start building them in August to help with natural SEO. Because they’re so popular, gift guides contribute a hefty sum to a media title through affiliates revenue, which in turn incentivises the outlet to promote them on social and make them pride of place on the site. The same goes for Black Friday, and a gift guide press office means you can kill two birds with one stone – win win!

The final reason we encourage our clients compete in gift guide season? Because we’re pros! See below for a snapshot of standout gift guide coverage this year to date…