Sparking Change with M&S Food

27th January 2022

This month we were beyond thrilled to be back working with M&S on its new campaign, “Sparking Change: The National Challenge.” At a time where some of us are making bold (and slightly unachievable!) New Years Resolutions, M&S is challenging consumers to make small changes to establish a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

The campaign encourages cutting down on meat and replacing it with a more plant-based plan – although it’s not about giving up the foods you love, but instead incorporating plant-based swaps to supplement them. To help guide us through the challenge, M&S has released some delicious new plant-based recipes, meal-plan templates, tips on reducing food waste and much more.

We can all be hard on ourselves for not committing to Veganuary or meal planning every single day, but even small changes can positively impact the environment!

To kick off the challenge, we’ve teamed up with influencers Kate Murnane & Victoria Niamh. Vlogger Kate Murnane is documenting how her family get on eating a more plant based diet, while we’ve challenged Victoria Niamh to cut down on food waste in her household.

Keep your eyes peeled to see how our influencers gets on with the challenge!