Our Pick of Impactful Influencer Campaigns

1st November 2023

As the digital landscape evolves, influencers are becoming even more powerful in captivating audiences and shaping trends, with 92% of consumers trusting influencer recommendations over traditional ads. Read on for our team’s pick of influencer campaigns that caught our attention…

ANNA: I loved Dove’s powerful #TurnYourBack campaign, which fought against the unrealistic beauty standards presented in TikTok’s Bold Glamour filter. Dove worked with influencers to share them turning their back on the filter and not allowing it to affect their face. I thought this strong message was impactful and a reactive way to build on previous self-love campaigns from Dove.

GRACE: This reel from the fabulous Amy Bell had me wanting to grab my walking boots, and a bottle of Reyka Vodka! Something a bit different to the usual kitchen set up for mixing up a cocktail, and the decision to film on location with some storytelling made for enjoyable content that told me what the brand is all about. Cheers!

ELLIE: a recent Channel 4 documentary went behind the scenes with Zebedee talent and some of their diverse models including Ellie Goldstein who was born with Down Syndrome and Jasroop Singh, supermodel with Vitiligo. Fashion brand Never Fully Dressed, dressed the pair during the documentary which generated an overwhelming love on social media – great to see fast fashion brands supporting diverse communities and paving the way for inclusive fashion for everyone.

LEONIE: Peanut, the online platform for women navigating fertility, pregnancy or motherhood launched its new campaign ‘Invisible Mothers’, with a research project that found that 72% felt invisible in their motherhood journey and that 46% didn’t feel supported by the healthcare system post-birth. To amplify the campaign, they worked with mega parenting influencer Abby Howard to share her own experience on podcast ‘Couple Things’, which was also shared on Peanut’s social channels. A moving campaign born from a powerful piece of research.

POPPY: Elf’s #EyesLipsFace was one of the first huge TikTok campaigns, at a time when the platform was fairly new. Elf did a great job at creating an original sound that went viral organically, being used authentically by celebrities such as Lizzo. Also, throughout this campaign Elf has made an effort to invest in its community, running content competitions and working with micro influencers, prioritising content that feels authentic- something highly valued by Gen Z.