Nautica Rocks the Boat

5th April 2023

 The new offering from Nautica is bold yet sophisticated, incorporating modern styles such as bucket hats whilst keeping its authentic Nautica style with windbreakers and swim shorts. Following on from the success of our 2022 Oxbridge boat race event, and to launch the latest collection, we knew we had to do it all again…

To bring the brand to life, we hosted a selection of talent and influencers to spend the day with us and watch the iconic Oxbridge boat race from a private room within the Rutland Arms pub in Hammersmith, with plenty of burgers and beers!

Over the course of the day, we had 40 guests join us, decked out in Nautica gear (obvs), including names such as Kori Sampson and Danny Lomas, resulting in 50 social mentions for the brand to a combined social following of 2.9M. 

Watching Cambridge win a clean sweep, we spent the day mingling with guests, stregnthening key relationships for the future. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon, eh?