Lifting the Freezer Lid on Brits’ Ice Cream Habits

3rd July 2024

Sun’s out, scoops out! To drive awareness for the launch offer for the Ninja Creami Deluxe ice cream & frozen drink maker at QVC, we lifted the freezer lid on the nation’s ice cream habits, generating a flurry of press coverage in the likes of Metro, Mirror, The Sun and Express. Two of the team even made their modelling debut, after taking part in the shoot. A PR rite of passage!

Turns out, rhubarb and biscuits are among the top flavours to get Brits’ lips smacking, so we hopped on our bespoke QVC branded ‘ice cream bike’ and hit the streets of London, serving up rhubarb ripple ice cream with a custard cream crumb across the city. Popping up in high footfall areas like the Southbank and Box Park Shoreditch, we handed out free scoops across a sweltering two days of very rare British weather, while encouraging passers-by to sign up for a discount on their own Ninja Creami. The response was incredible… as who doesn’t want free ice cream on a hot day in the city – but Londoners were also keen to watch the Ninja Creami Deluxe in action, one man evening FaceTiming his wife to show her on camera..

In total, we served up almost 2,000 scoops, with an additional 50,000 passers-by potentially seeing the activation across the two days. What a way to drive fame for QVC, leveraging its ongoing partnership with Ninja and showing shoppers that QVC is the destination for great savings on big name brands.

The cherry on top? The Ninja Creami sold out before the sun had set on the launch weekend.