Introducing… the ‘Wundersarnie’

9th June 2023

Monkey 47 recently partnered with sandwich revolutionary Max Halley, whisking him away to Monkey 47’s home in the Black Forest to create the ultimate German sausage sandwich – AKA the ‘wundersarnie’. What makes it so special? It’s übercharged with Monkey 47’s secret botanical spice mix, that gives the Schwarzwald Dry gin its unparalleled quality.

To amplify the partnership, we invited foodie media and influencers to a VIP event at Leake Street Arches, where Max himself served up the highly anticipated wundersarnies with Monkey 47 tipples, before consumers were able to get in on the action. But of course it didn’t stop there, throughout guests experienced surprise Oompah band performances and games of Hammerschlagen (a German game involving hammering a nail into a stump on wood… not easy after a few Monkey 47s). Word on the street is that Max Halley even appeared in a hotdog costume at one point, only insiders will know…

To drive awareness for the launch amongst gin and ‘wurst’ lovers in London, we secured 9 pieces of listings coverage to a total reach of 957.3k, alongside partnering with The Nudge and The Handbook to spread the word.

But fear not, if you missed out on the fun, the ‘wurst’ will also be available in Max’s Sandwich Shop until the 15th June, served with lingonberry mustard (it’s spectacular, we promise). You can also enjoy a Monkey twist on the classic Red Snapper cocktail, to wash it down!