Instinct’s Guide to Live Events

4th May 2022

It goes without saying, events are a key part of our industry and enable brands to truly transport press and influencers into their world. It seems the days of virtual events are over (thank god), and we’ve been in full swing event mode across all our clients, from QVC to Malfy Gin. Here are top tips for running a successful event, from creating buzz on social to incentivising attendees…

What’s the Goal?

Before you get cracking, you’ll need to decide a clear aim for your event and ultimately what you want to get out of it. Is it to get press coverage and if so, what’s the media hook? Or is it purely to create a splash on social? Whether it’s promoting a new Malfy Gin pop-up in Shoreditch or announcing a new collab between Monkey 47 gin and Japanese streetwear brand BAPE – you’ll need something to talk about!

You’ll also need to think about the longevity of the event – how you can use it to drive brand awareness, change brand perception and develop key relationships with press that will serve you for years to come.

Less is Sometimes More

Every client dreams of that all-singing-all-dancing event in a swanky hotel, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to run a successful event. Sometimes less is more when it comes to event spaces, especially if it’s more in keeping with what the brand’s about.

We recently hosted a launch party for sailing brand Nautica, hosting press and VIP guests in a rustic pub overseeing the Oxbridge boat race. It doesn’t need to be fancy – we served burgers and beer and people couldn’t get enough of it!

The All Important Plus One

The age old question… of course, allowing +1s takes up valuable space and may not always be necessary. We hosted two intimate press and influencer lunches for QVC back in March, and conversation was definitely not in short supply! However, bigger boozy events can be intimidating for even the most socially dextrous, and +1s can add an extra incentive for press and influencers to come along. We’ve had some guests bringing their mum or dad to events recently… which we LOVE.

Prepare for the Worst

Events can be a tad stressful if things start to go wrong (and very rarely do they go off without a hitch) so prepare for every eventuality. Will the host turn up late? Will there be tube strikes? Prepare yourself for every outcome and try and stay calm if things do take a turn. A little tip from us – TAKE A KIT BOX… this will be your little box of tools from scissors to cable ties to chargers and wires to make sure nothing gets forgotten.