Grace’s Guide to Client Relations

1st March 2022

The month of romance got us thinking about relationships, and how some of our longest-standing ones are those with our clients. Nine years of Disney On Ice shows, seven years with Diadora, and five years of QVC – it’s exciting having a part to play as a brand evolves, and we love being able to ask ‘what shall we do next?’

So whilst we don’t claim to be experts in love (we’ll leave that to Fred Sirieix), we do pride ourselves in knowing a thing or two about consistent and connected client relations.

Account Director Grace Carroll shares our non-negotiables…

Setting clear goals – getting on the same page from the get go so there are no nasty surprises along the line.

Communication – regular updates, we know that no one wants to be wondering what is going on behind the scenes. We aren’t talking bombarding though, it’s a fine line…

Transparency – upfront and honest at all times. If something isn’t working we like to talk it out and come up with a solution we’re all happy with.

Facetime – over the past couple of years we’ve certainly seen a lot of each other from the shoulders up, but nothing replaces an IRL catch up – whether that’s round a meeting table or over a glass of wine.

Embracing change – we understand that businesses are ever-changing and we are always at the ready to pivot (our favourite word of the past two years!).

Going the extra mile – we make a plan at the start of a campaign, but we are continuously thinking ‘what else we can do?’ to achieve better results.