Do Whatever Tastes Good with Malibu

5th September 2022

Nothing says summer quite like Malibu – and what better way to celebrate everyone’s favourite coconut flavoured rum than with a star-studded event?

This summer Malibu Rum launched its new campaign, #DoWhateverTastesGood, encouraging all us Malibabes to do whatever tastes good, whether that be crazy food pairings or outlandish playlists – nothing is too weird in the world of Malibu. With a consumer facing experiential at Brixton Jamm called Courtside Confessions, Malibu encouraged Londoners to confess their guiltiest pleasures at an immersive courtroom experience.

To drive awareness for the pop-up, we hosted a star studded press event hosted by none other than the GC, who confessed she wears a brand new pair of knickers for each day of the year. Iconic.

We also partnered with eight influencers to bring the experiential to life, and secured 42 organic press, influencers and VIPs, with talent such as Amy Christophers and Danny Hatchard all pleading their guiltiest pleasures to the court.

Rest assured, alongside 93 organic social posts, we secured features on both the Daily Mail and The Sun, covering all the show-stopping antics that went down!