Culture Corner: Eco Edition

6th May 2023

Off the back of our recent sustainability campaign with Plymouth Gin, with Earth Day falling last month, the team is back with another culture corner – but this time, eco edition! Read on to hear the team’s recommendations of books, podcasts and pieces of journalism, which have inspired their sustainability journey…

HUSSAIN: I recently enjoyed this article from British Vogue, written by its Sustainability Editor, Emily Chan. She interviews six female trailblazers within the fashion industry, spotlighting all-important voices. Give it a read!

CAROLINE: A thought provoking look at what rubbish does to the planet and some #2minutesolutions as to how we can all do our bit to help (and why we need to!)

ANNA: I recently bought this as a coffee table book and have been loving its really achievable, accessible tips on how to live more sustainably on a day-to-day basis. It’s great because it doesn’t feel like anything is out of reach or that will cost a lot more money!

CHARLOTTE: The Times shared an interesting piece recently on eco-textiles reinventing the fashion industry, including the new wave of ‘bio-textiles’,  set to replace the likes of vegan leather and faux fur, but still largely plastic-based. Some definite food for thought!

LEONIE: Why Women Grow is a podcast by author/journalist Alice Vincent, talking to women about how they connect with nature through their gardens. I’m not a big gardener but it’s an inspiring listen, and each episode is recorded outdoors – so very soothing!