Festival Szn: Working with Influencers

We’ve been well and truly lapping up this summer’s festival season, with activations from Beefeater Gin at All Points East and Brockwell Park’s Wide Awake and XTheTracks, along with We Are Festival and Elrow for Malibu Rum.

The most epic feat, Beefeater Gin hosted a new experiential at All Points East in partnership with Mixmag, called the Underground of Sound. A silent disco in a tube carriage (yes you heard that right)… bang in the middle of the festival, it look festival goers on a sound journey of London, before arriving at its final destination, All Points East.

We’ve been working with influencer partners across the summer to drive brand awareness, so we like to think we know a thing or two! Here are our top tips for working with influencers over festival szn:


With event staff busy dealing with customers too, having a PR there to host talent goes a long way. There are so many logistics at play, from finding the right entrance and locating the brand space to receiving their drink tokens on arrival, so having a friendly PR on site to look after them helps create that VIP experience.


While you don’t want to overwhelm talent with information, not all influencers will have created festival content for brands before, so it can be useful to share examples of content or captions. For brands like Beefeater and Malibu, a photo in front of the bar with a drink in hand (logo on the cup facing the camera) is a fail-safe shot!


Festivals are unpredictable to say the least. Queues might be long, their +1 might get stuck in traffic, your influencer may need longer than expected to get that money shot, but having a rough schedule (e.g. all content live by 5pm) helps keep everything in check. Your influencer will know that engagement drops off significantly on Friday and Saturday nights, so it’s in everyone’s interest to get the content done and dusted early on, and of course, then you can relax and enjoy the music!


While festivals are of course all about the music, remember that your influencer would need a license to feature the live music in their content. Make sure they capture their content away from one of the stages, or even better, overlay a royalty free track instead!