Rosie’s Guide to the Ultimate Press Trip

“Wow, where did you go with Lillet? That trip looked trip – I wish I had your job!” – said all of my (Senior Account Director, Rosie’s) industry friends and colleagues after seeing the brand’s 150th anniversary trip across insta.

If a press trip is all about creating that awe-inducing moment amongst followers, we certainly nailed it for Lillet. But, it’s all of the organisation and prep ahead of time that ensures this goes to plan. Make no mistake, press trips for PRs ain’t holidays, but if you plan them well, then they won’t feel like work.

Having been lucky enough to jet across the world with many of our clients, we’ve got a few tips on making sure your press trip is a success.


Press trips can be intimidating and it’s quite a big ask to group together 5+ strangers for over two days. However, the trip can seem that more enticing when press and influencers have industry friends who are attending. Pick groups of people you know get on, and they’re much more likely to RSVP!



Curating an itinerary is an artform in itself. Not too busy, not too branded, plenty of food and drink, and ample content opps. There is nothing worse than when planned activity happens much more quickly than anticipated and you’ve got 5 pairs of eyes staring at you and wondering, what’s next? But equally when there’s no down time, your guests will be exhausted. We always suggest working with a team on the ground for suggestion, and then curating the offering to your guestlist, afterall, you know your press best!



Press trips are all about immersing yourself in the brand and ensuring it has a presence throughout the trip. Little touches like branded pieces in hotel rooms or partnering with restaurants to ensure glassware and menus have logos on them ensures a through the line approach. Where possible invite key figures from the brand to meet your guests, as they can tell the brand story better than anyone.


Before you go, make sure that deliverables have been agreed with all attendees. That way everyone is on the same page about what is expected and can ensure that there’s no awkwardness on the other side.


Most importantly, why are you doing the trip? We’ve said before that press trips are a big commitment, and it’s important that there is a real reason to board that plane. Whether it’s a brand anniversary or the launch of a collab, ensuring there is a clear key message will filter through into strong Instagram content and press coverage.

Finally, always bring a swimming costume. You never know when a heat wave may hit and you can squeeze a 20 minute email break by the pool and catch some rays…

Happy planning!