Instinct’s Holiday Picks

Spoilt for choice this Summer? Not to worry, the instinct team have pulled together our favourite destinations, for the ultimate holiday inspo…

ANNA: One of my favourite places to visit is Mallorca, I have so many fond memories there with my family over the years and you can always rely on good food and (normally) amazing weather. I love the fact that there is a bit of everything, sea, beaches, pools and sight seeing!

GRACE: I’m off to Villefranche-sur-Mer for my first proper solo trip! Just a stone’s throw away from Nice, the commune is known for its gorgeous churches, amazing scenery and clear waters. Looking forward to exploring, beach days, lots of reading, and a little bit of seclusion.

CAROLINE: A bowl of olives may cost more than the price of a small car but for me there’s no better place to sip on rose than the south of France. Perfect sandy beaches, wine on tap and a sparkling blue sea make it a place I’d go back to again and again, and hoping to this summer!

ELLIE: Kefalonia truly is a safe haven, I’ve been going with my family since I was little and still go every year to this day. There’s a little town called Lixouri which has so little tourism so the locals are absolutely delightful. Plus Greek food is the best type of cuisine!

JULIET: Tucked away in the Essaouira hills, sheltered from the brisk desert winds and surrounded by stunning natural scenery formed by the Oued Ksob River over the course of millennia, you’ll find Le Jardin des Douars, a charming hotel highlighted by magnificent curvy shapes built with local materials in the strictest Moroccan tradition.