A Trusty Guide to Interning in London

With only 6 weeks in London, our intern Jordan (hailing from Texas and attending University in New Orleans) had a lot to fit into a short amount of time, while getting accustomed to working life in the UK. Here are some of her top tips for making the most of interning in London…

I found the tube system to be one of my favourite things about London. Because there are so many different neighbourhoods to explore, it is so nice to be able to get across the city in a timely manner. I loved being able to hop on the tube, unplug for a little, and relax until I reached my destination. This was one of the big differences from America, we do not have a public transit system nearly as convenient!


It may be a good idea to come to London with a list of things you want to do. However, you can get some of the best recommendations from the people you meet there. Londoners can tell you about places or events that you wouldn’t have found just from Googling. One of my favourite things I did was going to the Colombia Road Flower Market on a Sunday morning, which was suggested to me by an instincter.


There are so many cool places within an hour train ride from London! If you don’t want to travel out of the country and miss a precious weekend in London, day trips are the perfect way to see outside of the city. For my day trips, I visited Stonehenge, Bath, Brighton, and Cambridge. I recommend going to the beach in Brighton or punting down the river in Cambridge.


My internship at instinct was one of my high points during my time in London. Being welcomed onto the team made me feel so at home, despite being 5,000 away from Texas. In a work environment, it is so interesting to see the cultural differences and similarities. I have learned so much about London and the PR world just by chatting with my co-workers!


With such a short time in London, it is so important to use all your days wisely. It can be tempting to take the weekend to relax but there are too many things to see. Use your Fridays and Saturdays to explore and Sundays to catch up on sleep and homework. Weekend trips are a great way to see more of Europe whilst abroad. I was able to visit Dublin and Edinburgh. I was amazed how affordable and short the trains and flights were. In Texas, you could drive for 8 hours and still be in Texas!