#BreakTheBias – Best IWD Campaigns

Brands everywhere kicked off this month of Women’s celebration with International Women’s Day campaigns that empower, support and shed light onto women across the globe. Here are some of our personal favorites from this year’s celebration…

With Love by Spotify

Spotify touched all of our hearts through the creation of their With Love campaign that shared collaborative music and empowering stories from female artists around the world. 

The campaign included a music playlist of vibrant female artists’ work as well as a podcast series featuring 24 women who share “Love Letters” to their younger selves. The series gives women the opportunity to talk about pivotal moments in their lives in hopes of touching and inspiring others around the world. 

IWD Inspired Tube Map by TFL Services

Closer to home, our very own TFL Services stood out amongst the crowd this IWD through their reimagined “City of Women” Tube map that featured revolutionary women who live/lived in London.

The map highlights iconic, leading women in diverse industries including sports, activism, education and more. Each tube station is replaced with the name of one of these women to feature their accomplishments and recognise their influence on the world. 

#LetHerFinish by Channel 4

Channel 4 marked International Women’s Day by focusing on the phenomena of ‘manterruptions’, the increased likelihood of men interrupting women in conversation. Unsurprisingly, research reveals that men are 33% more likely to cut off a woman than another man.

On IWD itself, Channel 4’s female continuity announcers were repeatedly interrupted on air by the channel’s male announcers, to draw attention to how exasperating it is to be talked over. An engaging and meaningful message!