How to Forge Team Relationships

With our month of love coming to a close, we thought we’d top it all off with some reflections on how we forge strong relationships with each other. The instinct mantra “we are relationships” extends past our relationships with press, influencers and clients, and is so important to how we work together as a team.

Prioritise team bonding

Everyone knows those companies that flaunt their “thriving culture” at interview. As soon as you start the job, you realise everyone is insanely boring and hates each other too much to  agree to spending time together come 6:01pm. Now don’t get me wrong, we’re not hitting the bars of Spitalfields each day until the early hours, but we understand the value of a cheeky drink (or non-alcoholic activity!) to get to know each other and break down office boundaries.

Tricia time

Team relationships are never 100% smooth sailing. Different personality types can sometimes find it hard to work together – for example, a quieter, more introspective person may like to receive feedback in an entirely different way from the office extrovert. Every quarter, we have team sessions with a personal development coach (our hero, Tricia!), where we learn all about emotional intelligence, behavioural skills and everything needed to become a socially aware team mate and manager.

A little chit chat never hurt nobody!

It has to be said, we’re not the quietest office. While work is (obviously) fairly high on the agenda, we rarely pass up the chance to discuss our miserable dating lives, the latest episode of Euphoria or share lengthy reviews of that new salad bar down the road. At the end of the day, it’s PR not ER – and if you can’t share a laugh about that questionable client email…

Every man for himself?!

Another part of the reason we do get on so well is down to shared values. Jonathan and Juliet have always been effective at instilling a clear idea of who instinct is, what we stand for and what we look for in a fellow team mate. Working well as a team is very much at the forefront of that – and if you’re willing to tread on other people to get to the top or make yourself look good, you’re probably not one for us…