Sauciest Campaigns for Valentine’s Day

From Valentine’s haters to lovesick romantics, there was a campaign for everyone during this season of love. Here are some of our frisky favourites…

TAKE OUT THE TRASH by Business Waste Management 

There is no better way to celebrate the season of love than placing your Ex’s name on a bin FOR FREE. Place the trash where it belongs with Business Waste’s “Dump Your Ex” movement. 

The campaign encouraged moving on by trashing your ex and the baggage they came with. Placing waste bins in front of restaurants, pubs and hotels, people could find their ex’s name displayed on waste all over London.


F*CKBOY TEARS by Mythical Spirits 

Bottled up tears of f*ckboy energy to drink up this Galentine’s season. Laugh off late-night texts and routine ghosting while sipping on Mythical Spirits Gin Liquor.. 

This fruity campaign channeled audiences inner bad*ss with mixer promotions to cure any heartbreak. All it took was a good drink and an instagrammable moment with the F*ckboy Tears bottle.


A moment for the romantics – Heinz launched a personalised Saucy Sauce campaign to promote the notion that two is better than one. Just like mayo and ketchup, consumers could celebrate their own perfect pairings with a personalised bottle, from the name of a significant other to a celeb crush…