instinct’s Culture Corner

We’re back with another Culture Corner! Read on to hear which podcasts, books and TV shows we’ve been lapping up this month…

ROSIE: Jon Ronson has done it again. I’ve been lapping up his new podcast “Things Fell Apart” in which he discusses the source of the modern culture wars. From QAnon to banned books, if you’ve argued about it with your old relatives at the dinner table then he’s probably covered it. Dare you not to finish it in one sitting…

CAROLINE: Adele Parks: Both of You. I love a good thriller and this one is full of twists and dark turns. It starts out as a story of two women (both supposedly happily married) who go missing from their homes, with their frantic husbands calling the police. The investigating officer is convinced the cases are linked and plot twist…it’s revealed the two women are one and the same. The question is..which husband discovered her bigamist lie and decided to punish her. A gripping read!

JONATHAN: Ozark. It’s one of Netflix biggest shows and the final season has landed in 2 parts! If you watched the end of season 3 you’ll know how explosive it is and season 4 is going to be BIGGER!

ANDIE: The Midnight Library by Matt Haig. It’s my January go-to read because you get lost in the scenes he creates and all with an important message to take on through the year!

GRACE: Trigger point – the series filling the Line of Duty shaped hole in my life. Anything with Vicky McClure in it is a winner for me!

JULIET: Queer Eye Season 6 – pure joy! And expect to see instinct client campaigns featuring the Fab Five very soon…

ANNA: Podcast ‘My Favourite Murder’ – It is fascinating to hear different true crime stories from around the globe and think about the thought processes and mindsets of some of the world’s most heinous criminals. I’d recommend it purely for interest, it’s a great drive/commute listen.

LEONIE: Sorrow & Bliss by Meg Mason. This book was doing the rounds last year… for good reason! About a woman struggling with marital problems within the context of complex mental health issues, it’s both thought provoking and hilariously written!