Thomas’ Guide to Influencer Campaigns

Working with influencers can be a tricky business. Our Senior Account Manager Thomas has pulled together his top ways of working to ensure both you and the influencers your working with are in sync throughout and create a successful campaign.


Firstly, ask yourself these three questions…

Who do you want to reach? Ensure you have a clear target audience influencers – the more specific the better as it will help you find your perfect match!

What does success look like? Is the end result to increase sales, drive awareness or to create content? Know what you want so you’re all working to the same goal

So what? Why will your campaign stand out amongst your competitors? What is the messaging that will really resonate with the influencers and their audience? Why would their following care?


When choosing who you want to work with, be sure to build a big pool of choices so you have lots of options, then check the following…

    1. Their engagement rate. This will show you how actively their audience engages with them. Zine’s Google Chrome plug in is a great way to see who performs well against their follower number
    2. What’s their tone of voice and content like? Is it on-brand?
    3. Are they working long term with any of your competitors?
    4. Are they saturated with ads? If every post on an influencers page is an ad, the likelihood is that their audience don’t find what they post to be genuine.


Every influencer works differently – some will want a lot of creative freedom while others will need to be spoon fed. Speak to the agents about what sort of briefing their talent requires and personalise it to them.

Your briefing document crucial – keep it short, sweet, and super clear – your influencer will reference this when coming up with their ideas and building their content. It should always include the following:

    1. An overview of the campaign and the brand
    2. Content delivery dates and no. of posts required
    3. Restrictions e.g no competitors in the post, age restrictions
    4. Some inspiration of what you’re looking for – imagery is really helpful here
    5. Key messages
    6. All the social handles and #
    7. ASA guidelines