Instinct’s Guide to Live Events

With IRL events back in our lives (finally!), we’ve compiled our top tips for running a successful event, from creating talkability and incentivising attendees to keeping it kid-friendly…

What’s the Goal?

Before you get cracking, you’ll need to decide a clear aim for your event. Is it to get press coverage and if so, what’s the media hook? Or is it purely to create a splash on social? Whether it’s a rosé fountain for Campo Viejo or the latest IT trainer launch from Diadora, they’re going to need something to post about!

You’ll also need to think about the longevity of the event – how you can use it to drive brand awareness, change brand perception and develop key relationships with press that will serve you for years to come.

Less is Sometimes More

Every client dreams of that all-singing-all-dancing event in a swanky hotel, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to run a successful event. Often a brand name alone is strong enough to pull in a great crowd, but so long as your event has a clear theme and a unique element to create talkability – you’re golden.

When planning a venue, remember you can also use what your client has at their disposal. If they’re a gin brand like Plymouth Gin, can you hit up the distillery? For Disney On Ice, we held an event with influencers and their children, giving them the chance to skate with the Disney On Ice performers. Since we could use the show ice, this meant no venue costs were required!

The All Important Plus One

With the world coming out of lockdown and everyone trying to remember how to socialise, events can be a scary place! While allowing +1s takes up valuable space, it can help incentivise press and influencers to come along, if they’re anxious about attending events on their own or have two events to choose between.

Keep the Kids Entertained

From Disney On Ice to Marvel Universe LIVE and M&S Food, we’re no stranger to kid-friendly events. Make sure you have multiple activities planned, as every child has different interests, whether that’s dressing up like Elsa or getting stuck into colouring. Keep the event fast paced and engaging – kids have a short attention span so don’t make it so long that everyone goes home grumpy and exhausted!

Prepare for the Worst

Last but not least, prepare for all eventualities ahead of time, as something always goes wrong. Will there be tech issues? Most probably. Will it start torrentially raining at your outdoor event? What if there’s a tube strike? Plan for what to do in each case, and that way, the nasty surprises won’t be too surprising!