Instinct’s Culture Corner 2.0


TV Show: Ted Lasso

The perfect show – it’s about an American Football coach who comes to London to coach a football team. It’s so funny, so comforting and so entertaining – it’s basically about good people who are kind to each other which is just not portrayed on tv enough! It’s been described as a “warm hug of nice” which sums it up perfectly and was the show everyone needed to carry them through the pandemic and out the other side.


TV Show: The White Lotus – Sky Atlantic

What is meant to be an idyllic week in Hawaii turns a little dark with this new series featuring a murder mystery at its heart. However there’s much more to this series than a potential killer on the loose – this comedy drama follows the lives of a range of characters sipping piña coladas and lounging on sun beds for a week at an exclusive Hawaiian resort – or that’s the plan anyway. After a day or so the smiles are fading and the staff aren’t looking quite so cheery – all in all, it’s funny, dark and most definitely binge-worthy.


Book: What It Feels Like For a Girl – Paris Lees

The memoir of journalist and presenter Paris Lees, this book is all about her life growing up in a dead-end town in the East Midlands, while coming to terms with her identity as a trans woman. Heartbreaking and hilarious at the same time, it’s a great read – but I recommend the audiobook (narrated by her!) for the full comedic effect.


TV Show: Night Stalker – The Hunt for a Serial Killer

Shot in Netflix’s gritty, raw style, every episode makes you want to find out more, making it perfect for those who love a binge or to draw it out. Word of warning though, it’s based on true events and dark so not for the faint-hearted but I find it so interesting how these types of cases are solved. It isn’t a limited edition listing, so is well worth watching sooner rather than later before its gone!


TV Show: Vigil on BBC 1

It may have only just begun but with 2 episodes down I am genuinely counting down the days until Sunday nights. When a detective is plunged on to a Naval submarine to solve a murder with very limited access to her team on the surface she starts to realise just solving a murder isn’t all that’s going on. The deeper they go the darker it gets!



Online publication: The Handbook

We’ve all been LOVING London-based lifestyle publication The Handbook. Whether its reading about this summer’s most on-trend cocktail or the hottest new restaurant openings and pop-ups – we can’t get enough of its content!