Sustainable Swaps for World Earth Day

Back in early 2020, we introduced the now infamous instinct Green Team (namely, Account Director Rosie, Account Manager Thomas and Finance Director Becky). This group of keen eco-warriors were selected to ensure our office became a more sustainable space… well, there was plenty of friendly ‘Why on EARTH is this in recycling bin? Whose printed off all these docs?? Turn off the lights!!’

While we’ve been working at home for a while, we’ve all been trying to implement eco-conscious changes into our everyday routines. In honour of World Earth Day, we’re giving the floor to our Green Team to share their top recommendations…

The Sustainable Wardrobe

Rosie: During the pandemic I limited the amount of new clothing I bought, and it’s pretty remarkable how once you get used to not shopping, it feels very extravagant to go on a big shop. I’ve always been a big fan of charity shops and looking for vintage finds, but now I’m looking into rentals for some of the bigger occasions I’ve got planned in the diary.

Some of my favourite spots in London are Little Viking, Storm in a Teacup, Paper Dress (pro tip – it also doubles up as a bar and music venue!) and of course, you can’t beat a good ol’ rummage through your local Oxfam.

Skip Spin Class and Cycle to Work

Thomas: If you’re not too fond of your Peloton and you’ve only shown up to spin class twice, why not dust off that bike you bought with such good intentions or hop on a Santander rentable. Our team are all within a 20-40 minute cycle of the office… so we really have no excuse! Along with the health benefits (both mental and physical), cycling to work massively reduces our carbon footprint, can be 50% faster from A to B during rush hour, costs less money and according to the Cycle to Work Scheme, saves over 133,442 tonnes of CO2 each year.

Get Eco in the Garden Too

Becky: I’m a keen gardener, but this year I’ve been trying to reuse as many things as possible. For example, I saved up our empty toilet rolls and yogurt pots to use as plant pots to sow seeds in. Nifty, right?

Interior Design but Make it Sustainable!

Becky:  Before you throw away unwanted furniture and start shopping for an upgrade, try finding ways to sell or donate the item. Apps like Facebook marketplace, Ebay, Shpock, Freecycle, Olio are all great for meeting local buyers and sellers – there are some real gems to be found and it’s great for the planet!

Make Sustainable Swaps  

Thomas: I recently switched up my morning routine by using Wild deodorants, which are made from anodised aluminium and recycled plastic. Even better, all their refills are 100% plastic free and slim enough to fit through your letterbox for less packaging!

Family Dinner

Rosie: My housemates and I used to all cook our own dinner separately, but during lockdown we began doing group meals. We found it was a great way to ensure we didn’t have so much food waste, since we were cooking more portions using up all of the ingredients in one go. We’ll definitely be keeping this trend going for the planet, and it’s a much more sociable way to break bread!