Tips and Tricks For Eco-Friendly Send Outs

In 2021, the question is not “Should we be sustainable?” but rather “HOW can we be sustainable.” And since being eco-friendly is no longer just an option, but a given, it’s important that we look at how our work impacts the planet.

Each year, the PR industry samples thousands (and thousands) of products to press and influencers, and we’re all responsible for contributing to that mass consumption. Which got us thinking, how can we look to make our send outs more sustainable?



While that 10-part package with all the frills might look appealing on social, more isn’t always more. In fact, you don’t always need to go all out to create an impact. For our Valentine’s Day whisky campaign launching the new Aberlour 14 Year Old Double Cask, we stuck to the simple things, to avoid wastage around such a gift-heavy time of year. We sent influencers a classic red rose and whisky flavoured dark chocolate, ensuring the focal point of the send out was on the hero product – Aberlour!

Every brand likes to think their product is a ‘must have’, but influencers receive multiple packages a day, so it’s worth confirming their interest before sending it their way. After all, you want to ensure it’s received by someone who will put it to good use.



We’ve spotted a growing trend for using fabric as gift wrapping which can be re-used by the recipient or re-purposed into tablecloths. Both sophisticated and sustainable! FOLDS is a company we love that make ethical linen fabrics complete with holes for tying bows around packages, and they also share some creative ideas on how to dress them up with flowers and other decorations.



Bubble wrap is a thing of the past… so trade that plastic for shredded paper or Flexi-Hex bottle packaging!

If you want to add an impressive twist on your typical box filler, try using dried flowers instead. They can add a beautiful focal point to a send out, be reused as an arrangement in your home and placed in the compost bin when you’re finished with them.

We loved this send out for Boots’ latest Kefir supplement. They used real foliage to protect the product – both eye-catching and in line with the brand messaging, giving it a healthy and ‘earthy’ feel.


If you really want to ensure your send out is creating a positive impact, you could promise to off-set the carbon footprint of your send outs by donating to an environmental cause or planting a tree.

Ecologi allows individuals or businesses to plant trees, and 85% of your money goes directly to funding planet saving projects. This gets our vote!