Our Favourite Eco-Minded Campaigns of 2021

When the pandemic hit in 2020, beyond the obvious concerns for public health and the economy, there was widespread worry that the sustainability movement would be put on pause. Green thinking organisations wondered if the public could be compelled to care about the environment, when so much else was being asked of them due to Covid-19.

One year on from lockdown 1, and we can happily say that the opposite is true. There has been an acceleration of a pre-existing critique of consumerism, and the increased importance of sustainability in purchasing decisions. The pandemic has made consumers take a look at what they actually need, evaluate how brands are supporting the environment, and also look to new retail areas like re-sale or second-hand.

With Earth day around the corner, we’ve taken a look at some of the best eco-minded campaigns that have launched in the past few months. Here are some of our favourites:


Recently Warburton’s announced the launch of its own session IPA, made from all of the wonky crumpets that don’t quite land on super market shelves. An innovative idea that helps to cut down on food waste. Just remember, these Warburton’s aren’t for breakfast! Drink a couple of these and you might be feeling a bit wonky yourself…


Poland has one of the most shocking carbon footprints and still produces 79.9% of its energy from coal (come on?!) Which is why as part of its ‘Rebuild the World’ campaign, Lego created instructions on how to dismantle their existing Lego sets and create sustainable objects and structures. What once was a lorry can now be fashioned into an electric train. Amazingly, the campaign led to the first climate education in Polish history as the brand also developed a series of downloadable eco-lessons sent to over 700 schools!


Who doesn’t love a little bit of reverse marketing wrapped up in some nostalgia? This Christmas video from Barbour encouraged consumers not to buy Dad a new jacket, but instead repair their existing one or buy second hand. Highlighting the brand’s quality and commitment to “last a lifetime,” the video was made in the style of children’s author Raymond Briggs.


On St Patrick’s Day, a holiday when many Americans drink green beer, Budweiser forwent the food dye and instead made their beer green in other ways. The brand pledged “renewable energy credits equivalent to brew all beer in the U.S. in a single day.” Sláinte!


And finally, we have The Scrapsbook from Ikea. Potato peels and banana skins become the new avocado in this 111 page wasteless cookbook created to inspire consumers to cut down on the amount of food thrown in the bin. All I can say is, if you can’t get your child to eat a normal broccoli stalk, you may struggle to get them excited about a corn husk, but I appreciate the effort!