How to Work From Home

This ‘WFH’ thing may be going on a little while longer, so we’ve compiled our top tips to get the best out of working from home and ensuring you stay sane!

Don’t work in your bedroom – If you can, try to separate your personal space from your work space in order to preserve some sort of work/life balance! Admittedly, this is easier said than done if you house share with four other people, who are all vying for space in the living room…

Talk to your team about things other than work – In normal times, our office has plenty of water cooler chat. We’ll admit it, we love to natter about our weekends or the latest episode of Strictly. It can be hard to remember to do this when you’re in the parameters of a zoom call, but it’s more important than ever!

Mimic your office routine – A good tip is to keep the points you like about the office as much as you can in your WFH life. If you normally start your day with an overpriced Pret coffee, make a caffeine stop at your local caffeine spot before work. Or if you normally go for a lunch time walk and a catch up with your office buddy, step out for some fresh air and call them instead! And most importantly…make sure you take a breather! Even if it’s a yoga class at lunch (unlikely for us) or a 3pm chocolate fix (more likely), try to give your mind a break.

Don’t suffer in silence – When you’re working by yourself it can be harder to be honest with your team if you’re having a rough day or struggling with workload. You’ll feel so much better if you drop someone a message or pick up the phone. Your team care about your wellbeing, but they can’t help you if they don’t know!