How to Create Killer Send Outs

We’ve done our fair share of send-outs this year and we’ve certainly upped our game…. A Caribbean themed cocktail box from The Glenlivet with an actual palm tree, celestial jewellery from Melissa Odabash at QVC UK including personalised illustations by insta-famous artist @Millie_Amber , full size lemon trees with hand painted pots, so you can grow your own citrus garnish for Malfy Gin. Or should we mention our Staycation send-outs from QVC complete with themed homeware, fashion and beauty products to bring those holiday vibes to England in lockdown.

Here are some of our top tips to create the ultimate, Insta-worthy send-out…

Less is more – Try to send quality items and ensure everything you’re sending has meaning. Big massive deliveries of product can be overwhelming for recipients, while a succinct edit of product often lands better.

Tap into trends – Think about any new trends that will grab the attention of press and influencers, whether it’s a cool new food or an up-and-coming artist. People love to receive that new thing they’ve seen on Instagram!

Personalisation – Adding that personal element will help the recipient feel extra special. For QVC’s new Melissa Odabash collection, we commissioned an artist to create custom paintings for each recipient.


Stay sustainable – We are not here for waste, so try to go plastic free and use recycled materials!

Think about the unboxing – Unboxing videos are popular content with influencers, so it’s really important to consider how your send out will look on camera when it arrives. It’s all about the theatre, so present it in a way that grabs the recipient’s attention and will look eye-catching on the gram.

Is it interactive? – Whether its painting, cocktail making or writing, if the recipient can get involved in some way, it’ll help increase their chance of posting. Everyone loves trying something new!