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It’s fair to say that recent events have been a force for change within the influencer landscape, in both positive and negative ways. To get an insight into how the past 7 months have changed the way influencers work, we decided to speak to some of the content creators we’ve loved working with recently, within the fashion, lifestyle and parenting spheres.

Fashion designer, mother, ambassador for the Young Women’s Trust, Carrie Anne (aka @Mre.souer) is a real force for good on Instagram, admired by her followers for her gritty, honest captions and enviable style.

Mathias le Fèvre (aka @MathiasLeFevre) is a Danish style influencer entrepreneur and model based in London. He is particularly well known for his attention to men’s tailoring and can usually be spotted being photographed at fashion events across the globe.

Emma McMenemy (aka @Emma_mcmenemy) is known for her beautiful photography, thoughtful and optimistic captions and heart-warming glimpses of family life


How have events in 2020 changed which brands you choose to work with?

Carrie Anne (aka @mre.souer) – I’ve always been conscientious about the brands I work with, but we have an official and much tighter process when it comes to choosing which brands to work with now. We had to cancel a couple of jobs earlier in the year, but otherwise I’ve been really lucky to work with the brands that I have over the last few years.

Emma McMenemy (aka @emma_mcmenemy) – I wouldn’t say the current climate has particularly changed the brands I choose to work with as I’ve always been rather thorough with brand selection however, I do feel more aware of brand ethos and values and I feel more accountable for the partnerships that I sign up to. More than ever being online has a huge responsibility and as an influencer it’s my job to know exactly what message I’m putting out there and the background of where that message stems from, for me it hasn’t change what brands I work with just how I choose to work with them.

Has your content shifted since the beginning of the year? If so, how?

Mathias le Fèvre (aka @MathiasLeFevre) – Through my work as a model, art director and photographer I am used to being on large sets with individuals overseeing each part of the production; camera lighting, styling, hair, makeup, sound assistants etc. When the lockdown was enforced, I still had content production commitments to my clients and new requests coming in. I was forced to downscale my production and to think out of the box, so I turned my living room into a production studio from where I continued my work. Essentially I had to go through all processes myself and work 100% independently. A challenge that I really enjoyed and which thought me a lot of lessons, lessons that have changed the way that I work forever.


Emma McMenemy (aka @emma_mcmenemy) – We had travels planned for every month this year which a lot of content was based around which meant adapting swiftly to home based content. To be honest it’s made me rethink my entire approach to content, I’m now invested in shopping local, supporting small local businesses and connecting with local communities which my audience seems to really enjoy and I otherwise would not have had to opportunity to do if all overseas travel had gone ahead. In some ways what I’m now putting out there feels more authentic and more relatable, which again is really important in such times.

What kind of content do you think your audience is most responsive to currently?

Mathias le Fèvre (aka @MathiasLeFevre) – Social Media is essentially a community, so I like to treat it as exactly that. I do my best to create inspirational content, take part in discussions and interact other creators within my niche. Instead of trying to always analyse what content creates the best engagement, I like to follow my own intuition and tell stories that interests me at that particular. I believe that by posting content created with passion will always find its own audience to be appreciated by.


Emma McMenemy (aka @emma_mcmenemy) – My audience is more responsive to community; they want to feel part of a group especially in such uncertain times. It’s important to also talk directly, earlier in the year I came across a quote by Meredith Hill that really hit home with the relationship I have with my audience, “When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one.” I feel I know my audience well enough and know what they like to hear and see from me, it’s fine to try out new approaches and new content styles but it’s important that I post what’s almost expected of me and right now belonging to a community seems to be at the heart of that. Also Reels are performing great at the moment, it’s new and refreshing, I really enjoy creating them.

Carrie Anne (aka @mre.souer) – Anything informative, that they can take information away from! How to’s, reels, fashion reccos, new releases from my own brand, etc.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a content creator this year?

Carrie Anne (aka @mre.souer) – The global pandemic, moving out of the city and the new formats on Instagram, learning how to create more video content and incorporate that into what I already do. Constant curveballs, but we love it!