A QVC Staycation

In light of the recent travel restrictions, we decided to quite literally bring a holiday straight to press and influencers’ homes and gardens this summer, creating the ultimate Staycation by gifting lucky recipients with their very own staycation box of QVC goodies.


First we had to ask the most important question – did they want to transport to Ibiza’s tranquil retreats? Think breezy fabrics and calming blue and white hues, reminiscent of the White Isle. How about an atmospheric European city getaway or an ornate Riad in the scorching Moroccan desert? We developed three bundles of products based on these different holiday destinations, offering them fashion, home and beauty items within their chosen theme.


Our holiday packages went down a treat, with 34 social mentions and press coverage from the likes of Glamour Online, YOU Online and Metro. From our Moroccan theme, the highly sought after Lulu Guinness straw basket was a definite favourite amongst our recipients. The results speak for themselves, as it had almost sold out on QVC by the following week!