Day Five in the Big Brother House…

What we’ve learnt from week one of WFH 


A wise man once said (Albert Einstein, to be precise), “the measure of intelligence is the ability to change”. While instinct is very much business as usual, the team have been adjusting to life working from home – less resources and a lot less human contact than desired!

We miss seeing each other’s smiley faces, our Pret breakfasts (shout out to the ham and cheese croissant!), and bickering over which Spotify playlist to put on. It’s been an interesting first week, and we’ve been tuning in to what helps us stay positive and productive. Here are some sounds bites from the team on what we’ve learnt so far…

Caroline: Not commuting certainly has its perks. I am already feeling the benefits of not having to tackle the grimy Victoria line, and I’m hoping to have the clear skin of a 20 year old by the end of the week!

Lauren Mote: Seeing my work colleagues every day is what keeps me upbeat, so it’s been hugely beneficial to conduct group video calls just to get that bit of humanity back!

Juliet: Colourful nails definitely cheer you up and therefore make you more productive, the new Harry Styles album is really good to work to, and last but not least, having Friends on in the background makes every thing happier.

Thomas: Our clients have been wonderful during this transition – their eagerness to adapt along with us has definitely made things easier. At the end of the day, we’re all in this together!

Rosie: I’ve been taking advantage of the time I’d normally use to commute. While it’s tempting to lie in, it’s great to have an extra two hours to do something productive. All I’m going to say is that even Marie Kondo would approve of my kitchen cabinets at the moment.

Shervon: I’ve been introduced to so much technology that I wouldn’t necessarily have had the need to use before. I believe as an industry we will become more digitally creative and tech savvy moving forward, even after we’re all back to normal!

Leonie: The option of eating your weekday lunch straight from the oven/hob (insert any other appliance that isn’t a microwave) is pure unadulterated bliss. Admittedly, the novelty may wear off, but let me enjoy my hot flaky salmon for now.

Lauren Mc: There have definitely been some positive changes in the PR world – press have been incredibly receptive this week, with everyone looking for lighter news stories to cut through the gloom. With all activity moving indoors, it’s also been a great time for influencer campaigns!

Verity: My main take away from this week is that I have no self-control when it comes to chocolate digestive biscuits…