Life’s A Pitch

What better way to get everyone from Account Exec’s to Senior Publicists involved in the highs and lows of the pitch process than by responding to a hypothetical new business brief. The agency split into two rival teams and had less than a week to prepare. Here’s how they got on…

  • For me it was about stepping back and letting the team get a really hands on experience with pitching. As someone who is usually very involved with the new biz opportunities, it was exciting to get the wider team involved with the pitch process. – Rosie Taylor (Account Director)


  • It was interesting to try and pitch on a brand that had done very little PR in the last 10 years – we had little to go on in terms of what they’d previously done. – Caroline Lott (Publicity Director)


  • Will definitely make me feel more confident and prepared when I do a real pitch later in my PR career – wasn’t as scary as I thought it’d be (although probably helped to see Jonathan and Juliet’s smiley faces…) – Leonie Hyman (Account Executive)


  • What bigger client can you pitch to than your boss. It was a great way to prompt us to think outside the box! Never had I thought I’d have to be thinking creatively about the topic either ! – Thomas Warren (Account Manager)


  • I most enjoyed being able to work with members of the team that I wouldn’t always work closely with on a day-to-day basis. – Esme Josling (Press Assistant).


  • A number of the team don’t present often, so it was a great chance for everyone to step out of the day-to-day, challenge ourselves and get involved – Shervon Nichols (Senior Publicist)


  • I was really interested to see the level of detail and different elements that went into pitching. The activity was also a great team builder for bouncing our strengths off of each other – Lauren McCombie (Account Executive)