Conquering Dry Jan with CEDER’S

For a growing proportion of the population, January is no longer a month to be endured, but a springboard to success and achievement. 

Mindfulness and wellbeing are central to this mission, with as many as one in ten people now taking on the dry January challenge (up from one in 20 just 5 years ago).  This doesn’t mean, though, that they want to go into social hibernation.  

To tap into this highly energised, motivated and mindful market we took the popular bottomless brunch and gave it a non-alcoholic and mindful twist for CEDER’S

Toning of mind, body and soul was taken care of through a Yoga session hosted by respected Yoga teacher and inspirational influencer Mara Cimatrobius, while the social wheels were oiled by CEDER’s alcohol-free cocktails; The Valley Spritz and Winter Blossom.  

 A sprinkle of cool was added to the event, held at Fulham’s trendy Lost Hours, by the attendance of influencers from the scene, such as Eimear Varian Barry, Alex Light LDN, Aimee Victoria Long and Sober Girl Society, as well as lifestyle journalists.  

 The results: 11 grid posts and 85 story frames, with total impressions of 526,596