Hangover not included

Mindful drinking the CEDER’S way for sober October

Sober is the new sozzled; and CEDER’S continues to deserve its reputation as the ultimate Alt-Gin. To generate a social buzz around the brand’s October partnership with Café Rouge, we hosted the Alternative Happy hour with CEDER’S, bringing through their #JOMO (joy of missing out) messaging for Sober October.

As well as their cocktail-making masterclass and a mindfulness talk from @freshperception, guests enjoyed a crystal healing session to send them home for a peaceful night’s rest. 15 attendees at the event in Café Rouge included nine wellness and lifestyle influencers, alongside journalist Millie Gooch, founder of Sober Girl Society.

A grand total of 52 instagram stories followed, including four from Maeve Madden (189k followers) and 9 from Alex Light (45.8k followers), capturing the joy of a booze-free evening with friends. Look out for their grid posts, to follow soon.