The instinct Family Magic Manual

Family is everything for some of our most exciting and loyal clients. From Disney On Ice and Marvel Universe spectaculars, to classic collectibles for M&S, the perfect PR event involves a lot of moving parts! Here are our top tips for working with families in this dynamic space…

Before you plan, get to know the law
Children in content is a high sensitive area, so know your legalities around both social media and press.

Logistics are paramount
Plan your timings around accessibility for parents with small children. Be aware of working hours, holidays, bedtimes, and everything else that ensures snag-free fun.

Have multiple activities planned
Every child is different, and they won’t all want to be involved in the same activity.

Entertain the adults too!
Children may be the focus of the client offering, but parents are every bit as important as your target audience, so don’t neglect them. Families have a good time together.

Always have food around
Do we need to say more? Keep everyone’s engine running, and help them feel they’ve been treated to something special in every aspect.

Longer isn’t always better
Don’t make an activity so long that energy dwindles and everyone goes home grumpy and exhausted. Leave guests on a high, wanting just a little bit more and bursting to tell the world what a great time they had!