Life in Jars

instinct was challenged to creatively amplify the launch of Prostate Cancer UK’s Men, we are with you campaign – reminding the world that men are worth saving.We made sure passers-by on London’s Southbank couldn’t miss the point – with a giant acrylic ‘savings jar’, containing actual men whose lives have been affected by the disease.

Prostate cancer claims the lives of over 11,500 UK men each year, with black men disproportionately affected. One in eight men will be diagnosed at some point in his life, and the numbers continue to rise. The campaign, which includes a touching TV ad, reminds people to celebrate the men they treasure – bringing much-needed awareness to the disease and the need to support lifesaving research and treatment.

Philip Kissi, 61, from London said:

“It’s important that we take this opportunity to make a point of celebrating men, because we are important to our loved ones. I wanted to be here today to shine a light on this disease because it’s vital to raise awareness of this issue, especially in the black community where the risk is higher.”

Keith Smith, also 61, from Essex, revealed that a previous campaign by the charity with his beloved Southend United had prompted him to speak to his GP:

“I knew nothing about the disease but was drawn to the Prostate Cancer UK website after seeing the club’s work with the charity.  When I read through the information and thought ‘that’s me, I’ve got those symptoms’. So I went to the doctor, and after a range of tests it was confirmed I had prostate cancer. I’m supporting being in the jar today because if I can save one man by sharing my story, that would make me very proud” added Keith, whose treatment continues.

Inspired to celebrate or commemorate loved ones, or simply to pitch in and help raise vital funds for research and support services? Get involved in Prostate Cancer UK’s amazing March for Men events this summer – from just 2km to 26 miles! Visit March for Men to sign up.