Canada, Take Our Girl

It’s been an unforgettable five years at instinct from the old days packing up Disney On Ice media drops in our small Southwark office to creating huge PR stunts for some of the world’s biggest brands  – I could write a whole book on the amazing campaigns and experiences but I thought I would highlight some of my favourite memories.

My number one achievement has to be Monster Jam being on the Ant Vs Dec on Saturday Night Takeaway. After nearly a year of planning and a week of minimal sleep, we achieved the impossible of creating a Monster Jam truck in a Central London location and having a whole segment devoted to Monster Jam on one of the country’s most loved TV show. To say watching Ant and Dec drive a Monster Jam live on national TV being nerve wracking was an understatement!

There was then getting a Disney On Ice performance on This Morning and putting up 30+ Xmas trees at 5am – these things you do for the job hey?

On top of that there’s been making it snow in summer, creating a giant Saving’s Jar for Prostate Cancer UK and surprising people with motorised ticks for a Frontline April Fool’s stunt to name but a few!

There have also been some epic summer and Christmas parties including going to Ibiza, Paris and Soho Farmhouse. The team are some of the most talented PRs and I will miss working with each and every one of them. It will be hard to leave the instinct family but I will continue to cheer for them from the land of Maple Syrup, Canada – I can’t wait to see what the next five years has in store for them!