Pick your battles (and know your bottles)

Do brands need a year-round press office? It can be more rewarding to tap into seasonal opportunities, focusing resource on key occasions to give our brands relevance. Here’s how we made it a very happy Valentine’s for Le Petit Rosé

A year-round press office doesn’t fit all, spreading resource thin and sacrificing the power of novelty to familiarity. A savvy alternative is to map out the seasonal occasions that really resonate for a client, placing a brand at the heart of an already-special occasion helps it imprint a little deeper. If that special occasion’s all about special relationships? All the better.

Jacob’s Creek’s positioning was simple – Le Petit Rosé is the perfect accompaniment to a cosy date night with friends and loved ones. Our campaign focused on Valentine’s day (and its increasingly popular cousin, Galentine’s day) inviting wine lovers to celebrate each other with a glass.

The influencer campaign 

We enlisted four switched-on female style influencers within the brand’s target demo to create awareness among their following. Sinead Crowe, Lauren Crowe, Style Lobster and The Layover Life created branded content to share on their channels, including Instagram posts and stories with swipe-up to purchase. 

The press office: 

Meanwhile, our Valentine’s Day focused press office set to work on product placement, product seeding and targeted media gifting. We collaborated with Jacob’s Creek to generate those extra little details for press, such as tips to keep the wine cool with frozen grapes! 

Our creative twist paid off, with 12 pieces of coverage secured, including The Sun, heat and Prima. Our influencers garnered an above-industry-standard engagement rate and TESCO saw an uptake in sales following our coverage – all going to show that it pays to know your calendar, and mark the perfect occasions for a brand to take centre-stage.