What makes a great campaign ambassador?

With their inspired Alt-Jan movement approaching launch, CEDER’S was seeking a campaign ambassador to resonate with a UK 25-44 demo. The CEDER’S audience is foodie, a little bohemian and searching for sophisticated alternatives to alcohol, so the ideal influencer would embody CEDER’S healthy, natural qualities withouta heavy emphasis on fitness.

Recognising ourselves in the profile, we considered our personal inspiration to create a suitably colourful longlist, from TV presenters and sports personalities to reality stars and national treasures.

TIP: Know what skills you need before making suggestions: don’t risk the client loving someone who won’t work! Our brief included live radio and campaign video appearances,  so TV and media experience was a must.

From a list of 40 celebrity names (with thorough rationale behind each) we shortlisted three celebrity foodies, ranked in order of preference. Only then did we initiate discussions with agents, outlining the brief and gauguing appetite for working with CEDER’S (it’s a two-way street, after all!).

TIP: Get an answer from one agent before approaching your next preference;: avoid promising two stars the same opportunity.

Due process did us proud, and we were delighted to name TV cook and actress Lisa Faulkner our Alt-Jan ambassador. Lisa’s Celebrity Masterchef credentials struck the right chord, her experience on-camera made her a confident voice for the Movement and Lisa brought authentic, reassuring presence to the videos – right on-point for a month of mindful drinking.


BUDGET: Impacts the levelof celebrity/talent you approach and whereyou start looking. 

AUDIENCE: Who is the client trying to reach through this ambassador? Which common threads will ensure a good match?

SKILLS: Know what the brief requires. If the client wants media interviews, your ambassador must be a confident public speaker and, ideally, media-trained with experience of broadcast. If the project is social-led, you’ll need someone with a strong social media presence.

INTEL: Know everything about your celebrity and their public associations before their name goes forward. Have they worked with a competitor? Do their values really align with your brand? Why were they in the news lately?!

CONNECTIONS: developing strong agent relationships impacts cost and contracts. If you liked working with them, chances are they liked working with you, which all makes your moneywork that little bit harder.