Influencer Insider Knowledge

A lot of our clients here at instinct HQ know that they should be working with talent and influencers, but sometimes don’t know why, how and in what capacity. Whether it’s because they don’t understand the full concept, see the power of influencer marketing or simply because ‘everyone else is doing it,’ they know it’s the happening thing but when faced with the big question of why, there are blank stares all around.



So why do we do it…


Influencers ultimately have the ability to drive sales and raise brand profile/awareness. From the minute an influencer talks about your product or service, traffic is driven to your site and sales generation can begin. Depending on the influencer’s platform and the length of the campaign, sales can be generated immediately and continue to grow over a number of weeks.  PR Week recently reported that Influencers now persuade Brits to buy 1 in 4 products and apparently ‘So called “Real Life” Influencers’ are 3 times more likely to engage consumers than journalists.


Influencers are pro’s when it comes to creating content which is great news for brands as it means it takes the huge pressure off the brand creating and yet they are still able to use the content on their website and social platforms also. Influencer content creation can often be a lot less costly than production website and social content in-house.


Influencers help bridge the gap between potential customers and the brand. They have a pretty good idea of who their audience is therefore, if it’s a fashionista, busy working mum or creative folk, the influencer will have a great insight into how to target that specific audience and how to best engage with them. They have a great knowledge to think outside of the box and create content that is visually beautiful yet really insightful and delivers in terms of brand messaging.


By selecting and partnering with an influencer whom is relevant and fits organically with your brand messaging you are immediately bringing the product in front of already engaged, potential customers whom are being fed the key messaging in a format they feel completely comfortable and believe in.


It’s always best to give Influencers a general overview of the campaign and what success looks like from an internal perspective, and then leave them to get creative and pull the content together. You can be often pleasantly surprised at the output the influencer has created.


Lastly, working alongside influencers on one-off campaigns is great for raising brand awareness and generating interest, but it’s when they become long-term brand advocates that you truly start to see the value in their work.


Our top 5 tips about influencer marketing…

  1. Do your research – make sure the influencer has a following relevant to your brands audience
  2. Be flexible – Allow the influencers to create content and produce contend they fill will resonate with their following
  3. Have an agreed set of deliverables – For example x amount of post? Will there be a hashtag? Will they need to include a swipe up link?
  4. Look at engagement over following – The influencers following doesn’t always mean they are going to be the best candidate
  5. Payment is key – Remember this is their job and they are in high demand therefore payment is vital