Meet Grace, our new Consumer Press Assistant

What interested you to work in PR?
As a 17 year old I found myself about to head off to University to study History, with no interest in being a Historian or working in a museum – so I knew I needed to do some digging around to find a career that suited me. I arranged my first PR internship and discovered that the role allows you to write, get creative and build relationships, all with the aim of shaping and growing awareness of a brand. I didn’t realise such a job existed!

What do you love about the job?
I had been told over and over how busy and fast moving this job is, yet I didn’t fully understand until I joined instinct pr. I haven’t once watched the clock and love knowing that each day is going to involve a variety of tasks, for all sorts of brands. I also love that the role gives you a BTS insight into the media industry.

What’s your best PR memory to date at instinct?
The moment I confirmed my first piece of coverage in a national paper was definitely a highlight  – firstly, because I really enjoy working with this particular brand and secondly because of how my fellow Instincters celebrated with me!

If you were any publication, what would you be?
I would be Cosmo; it’s not ALL fashion and lets you know about fun events like the gin and vodka festival or, perhaps (and even better), a mac ’n’ cheese festival! I like a bit of fashion but really I’m more interested in where I can get my next drink or food fix.

If you could give one piece of advice to aspiring PRs what would it be?
Intern at as many different places as you possibly can. I’ve experienced so many different agencies and it really helped me to form an idea of what type of place I wanted to work in. When you’re an intern, not every day or task is necessarily going to be exciting, but the experience is so worthwhile in the end. Work experience helped me land a job with instinct where one day I may be working with Micky Mouse and attending a cognac tasting the next!