Ciao Diadora!

Being the PR casanova’s that we are, we flew UK fashion writers to the City of Water – Venice, Italy. The goal for the trip was to allow our contacts to delve into the world of our ‘of-the-moment’ Italian sneaker client, Diadora.

Writers from Men’s Health, InStyle, Clash, Attitude and Chic Geek had the opportunity to discover the brands’ incredible heritage, dating back to 1948, in the Diadora museum. The reminiscent space showcased everything from Bjorn Borg’s original B.Elite, Katy Perry’s ambassadorship and the brands’ ever-evolving technologies.

A tour of the factory followed, allowing journalists to see the rigorous process behind the construction of a Diadora trainer including a sneak peek into the future of the brands’ designs.

Our Diadora squad also interviewed CEO Mr. Enrico Polegato to get the low-down on the brand’s past, present and future including special projects Diadora has lined up for the UK – very exciting stuff!

Now, a trip to Venice isn’t complete without a day of exploration and little social media showing off! So before our evening flight, team Diadora and our guests toured Venice to visit everything from the Peggy Guggenheim Museum Collection to the jaw-dropping panoramic terrace views at Fontego dei Tedeschi – Bellissimo!