Adulting with CEDER’S

2nd July 2021

After two years of supporting CEDER’S no/lo movement, we were very excited to launch the brand-new CEDER’S Pink Rose. This unique non-alcoholic spirit combines classic gin botanicals from South Africa combined and pristine Swedish water, with floral hints of rose and hibiscus giving it that pretty in pink colour!

To launch CEDER’S Pink Rose we partnered up with Oenone, well-known lifestyle influencer, and her podcast Adulting, which has over 2 million downloads and covers a wide range of topics from beauty standards to the importance of a good night’s sleep. For the CEDER’S special episode Oenone and author Daisy Buchanan discussed friendship in lockdown, and the pressures that come along with this.

CEDER’S Pink Rose has been a hit with the press with coverage in the likes of Cosmopolitan Online (uu.7,374,564), Metro (circ. 1,426,535) and DOSE Instagram (16.2K followers) in pieces covering the ever-growing arena of non-alcoholic options.

We continued our partnership with Oenone in support of the CEDER’S sponsorship of the virtual Happy Place Festival, curated by Fearne Cotton, with her hosting cocktail masterclasses at the CEDER’S Bar, where visitors could go to shake, stir and muddle up their very own non-alc cocktails, alongside other events such as DJ sets from the coolest parents around, Rochelle and Marvin Humes.

Oenone, and 10 other wellness and fitness influencers supported the CEDER’S Bar on Instagram with a total of 54 stories and grid postsgoing live, with more to come for the final masterclass to go this Saturday!